When we hear news we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.
Voltaire (1694 - 1778)


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An estimated 850,000 - 950,000 persons in the USA are living with HIV virus... more>>>
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Updated: April 10, 2005 01:41 PM

Al Reimers

Other Dimensions of Majority Rule
After people all over the world protested U.S. readiness for war, President Bush said, "Democracy is beautiful. People have the right to express their opinions." I hope he still believes in democracy since members of Turkey's Parliament said "No" to U.S. ground troops on their border with Iraq... more>>>
Ian T. Taylor

The Pre-flood World
What caused God to destroy all of mankind except Noah and his family? Who were the sons of the Elohim and who were the Nephilim? Where did the idea of pre-Adamic race originate and why? What about Greek myths? ...more>>>
Charles Vickerson

Understanding the Catholic roots of German Fascism...
Religion Takes Several Hits
By Cal Thomas

Had Graham spoken "truth to power'' ... chances are excellent that Nixon would never again have granted the evangelist access. That's the way the game is played between politicians and clergy. And the clergy always lose in the end because it is their principles that must be sacrificed if their proximity to supposed power is to continue and their illusion of influence to be maintained... more>>>
Strains on the Christian communities in the Middle East
Part 1 of 2
By Drew Christiansen

In mid-February, the Druze population of Maghar, a village in Galilee, rioted against their Christian neighbors after a disgruntled teenager circulated a rumor that a Christian youth had posted nude photos of young Druze women on the Internet. Homes, cars and stores belonging to Christians were burned. Many Christians, who make up about 30 percent of Maghar’s population, were forced to flee the town and, according to their Melkite pastor, are afraid to return home. ...more>>>
The state of Christian-Muslim dialogue in the Middle East
Part 2 of 2
By Drew Christiansen

The Pope's attempt at interfaith dialogue in the Middle East...

...The first speaker, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Meir Lau, was the first to break with protocol when he declared that the pope’s presence in West Jerusalem signaled his acceptance of Israeli sovereignty over the city. [Sheik] Tamimi then gave a fiery sermon, climaxing in an appeal for a new Saladin to drive the infidel from the land. The auditorium was aghast. The Israeli diplomats sitting near me, and many others, rose in a chorus of protest... more>>>
The Post Oil Age
What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle?
By James Howard Kunstler

Now we are faced with the global oil-production peak. The best estimates of when this will actually happen have been somewhere between now and 2010. In 2004, however, after demand from burgeoning China and India shot up, and revelations that Shell Oil wildly misstated its reserves, and Saudi Arabia proved incapable of goosing up its production despite promises to do so, the most knowledgeable experts revised their predictions and now concur that 2005 is apt to be the year of all-time global peak production. It will change everything about how we live....more>>>
Is America going broke?
By Steve Maich

Record deficits, colossal debt and no clear plan for digging itself out. If the U.S. sinks, it will take Canada down with it. As of February, the U.S. national debt stood at US$7.7 trillion. And this year, the country is projecting another record deficit of US$427 billion, increasing its debt by about US$1.2 billion a day....more>>>

Rev. Jim Wallis author of "God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It"

Interviewed By Michal Lumsden

"I am an evangelical Christian, and I can’t ignore thousands of verses in the Bible on [another] subject, which is poverty. I say at every stop, “Fighting poverty’s a moral value, too.” There’s a whole generation of young Christians who care about the environment. That’s their big issue. Protecting God’s creation, they would say, is a moral value, too. And, for a growing number of Christians, the ethics of war—how and when we go to war, whether we tell the truth about going to war—is a religious and moral issue as well....more>>> or hear an NPR interview.

"It's amazing that the amount of news
 that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper."

Jerry Seinfeld, US comedian

Short Report: Arab Christians and the state of Christian-Muslim dialogue in the Middle East...more>>>
The Post Oil Age, a look at what life will be like in the "bike Lane" when the cheap gas runs out...more>>>

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