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An estimated 850,000 - 950,000 persons in the USA are living with HIV virus... more>>>
USA Updated: May 01, 2005 03:15 PM
US Muslim soldier to be executed for killing his comrades
A US military jury has imposed the death penalty on a Muslim soldier who launched a fatal grenade and rifle attack on his comrades in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. Sgt Hasan Akbar, 34, quietly apologized yesterday for attacking his fellow soldiers in the early morning of March 23 2003...more>>>
Soldier who killed comrades claims he was harassed about his Muslim faith
The father of an Army sergeant accused of killing two officers at the start of the Iraq war urged the military Wednesday to investigate religious and racial harassment he said his son faced from fellow soldiers before he unleashed the grenade and rifle attack. "as soon as I am in Iraq, I am going to try and kill as many of them [comrades] as possible,'' the solder wrote in his diary....more>>>
UN Women's Conference Questions Link Between Islam and Violence Against Women
Yakin Erturk of Turkey, the U.N. special rapporteur on violence against women, says violations of women's rights know no religious boundaries. "Religion is used as a political tool whether in Muslim societies or Christian or Jewish or any other society," she said. "But because of the Islamophobia that has emerged throughout the world, attention has turned to Muslim countries as if there's a specificity there which promotes and perpetuates violence against women...more>>>
Evangelical groups make plans to remove liberal US judges
An audio recording obtained by the Los Angeles Times features two of the nation's most influential evangelical leaders, at a private conference with supporters, laying out strategies to rein in judges, ..."There's more than one way to skin a cat, and there's more than one way to take a black robe off the bench," said Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council...more>>>
Radio host fired after talk about whether pope will go to heaven
Evangelical Christian talk show host Marty Minto, who questioned Roman Catholic beliefs and entertained a caller's question about whether the late Pope John Paul II would go to heaven, has been fired from WORD-FM...more>>>
Former Muslim appointed Dean of Jerry Falwell's evangelical university
LYNCHBURG, Va. -- The new dean of the Rev. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University theological seminary is a former Sunni Muslim who plans to turn out a hipper generation of graduates by relating to them with lyrics from rapper 50 Cent, TV's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and the latest movies and film stars. Ergun Mehmet Caner cracks one-liners as easily as he quotes a Bible verse...more>>> or ...more>>> or more>>>
Mormons still practicing proxy baptisms for dead Jews and Popes
A delegation of five Jews met Sunday and Monday in Salt Lake City with church leaders and historians and agreed to form a committee to explore how to halt proxy baptisms — the Mormon practice of posthumously baptizing non-Mormons, including Holocaust victims and other Jews....more>>>
IMF says oil could hit $100 per barrel
China's growing thirst for petroleum, tight supplies and little spare production capacity will keep oil prices volatile through 2030, with the possibility of spikes as high as $100 a barrel, the International Monetary Fund said Thursday....more>>>
"The dribble effect" What happens when we run out of cheap gas to guzzle?
Now we are faced with the global oil-production peak. The best estimates of when this will actually happen have been somewhere between now and 2010. In 2004, however, after demand from burgeoning China and India shot up, and revelations that Shell Oil wildly misstated its reserves, and Saudi Arabia proved incapable of goosing up its production despite promises to do so, the most knowledgeable experts revised their predictions and now concur that 2005 is apt to be the year of all-time global peak production. It will change everything about how we live....more>>>
$130 million Hollywood movie about the "Crusades" upsets Muslims
“We have Christians who think this movie is pro-Muslim and Muslims who think that this movie is pro-Christian. It will make both go and see the movie, which is positive for improving understanding,” actor Khaled El-Nabawy, who plays the role of a Muslim scholar in the “Kingdom of Heaven,” told Reuters. The film " Kingdom of Heaven is by “Gladiator” director Ridley Scott, depicts a 12th century Muslim-Christian battle for Al-Quds...more>>>
Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up'
The human race is living beyond its means. A report backed by 1,360 scientists from 95 countries - some of them world leaders in their fields - today warns that the almost two-thirds of the natural machinery that supports life on Earth is being degraded by human pressure....more>>>
U.S. spending $23 million this year to support anti-Castro movement inside Cuba
Far from the White House and Havana, in strip malls and nondescript buildings along South Florida's sunlit streets, a multimillion-dollar infusion from the U.S. government has rejuvenated Cuban-American non-profit groups providing assistance to Cuba's tiny opposition movement....more>>>
Paul Wolfowitz, the Pentagon’s architect of the Iraq invasion is dating Muslim feminist
Wolfowitz is said to be so blinded by his relationship with Riza, that influential members of the World Bank believe she played a key role in influencing the Pentagon official to launch the 2003 Iraq war. As his trusted confident, she is said to be one of most influential Muslims in Washington....more>>>
Movie about a bad man, a good woman and Jesus cashes in at Box Office
Tyler Perry's hit "Dairy of a Mad black Woman" has the catch-all thrills of a Bollywood film – romance, intrigue, laughs, tears and, above all, prayer. Online magazine Salon calls it churchotainment. The film earned $21.9 million in three days. Its budget was $5 million, which means it broke even before the sun set on opening night....more>>>
Evangelist plans to die live on World Wide Web admission $3
Yshua Lord of Host 666Israel, the man who tattooed the infamous "666" on his forehead and has prophesied the slaughter and destruction of every Christian man, woman and child, is himself preparing to face death. He'll allow all so interested to view his last days via webcam beamed directly from his home...more>>>
Ex-cons accused of killing Coptic Christian family in New jersey
Coptic Christians and Muslims alike expressed relief yesterday following the arrest of two former convicts charged with binding, gagging and cutting the throats of four members of a Coptic Christian family last January in what prosecutors called a robbery that went awry...more>>>
Rogue weeds defy rules of genetics
Mendelian inheritance, the central tenet of genetics, is under attack from a few scrawny weeds that have not read the textbooks. The weeds are somehow inheriting DNA sequences from their grandparents that neither of their parents possessed - which is supposed to be impossible....more>>>
Scientists find what appears to be "soft tissues" from a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil bone
The US researchers tell Science magazine that the organic components resemble cells and fine blood vessels..."It still has places where there are no secondary minerals, and it's not any more dense than modern bone; it's bone more than anything." ...more>>>
Attorney for Schiavo's parents says the severely brain-injured woman cried and yelled she wants to live
Barbara Weller was in Terri Schiavo's room at the Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Park, Fla., when the encounter took place, according to activist Randall Terry, who spoke with WorldNetDaily from outside the building as demonstrators continued a vigil....more>>>
Woman leads US Muslims to prayer
More than 100 men and women attended the service and sermon given by Amina Wadud, professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. The location was moved to an Anglican Church building in New York after mosques refused to host the event...more>>>
'Blair Witch' creator skips Hollywood and takes new project to Web
"There are a handful of executives out there who are the gatekeepers of what gets made and seen -- or not," Myrick said. "I've pitched so many ideas and come away frustrated. So we just decided to do it ourselves." The world premiere will be available for free at www.strandvenice.com.... or read more>>>
Battle looms in 19 US states over teaching evolution
WICHITA – A battle is intensifying across the nation over how students are taught about the origins of life. Policymakers in 19 states are weighing proposals that question the science of evolution. The growing trend has alarmed scientists and educators who consider it a masked effort to replace science with theology....more>>>
Blind since birth, Turkish artist can paint in perspective
January 29, 2005, BOSTON - Painter Esref Armagan baffles scientists in Boston who are trying to understand how a man who has never seen can paint pictures that the sighted easily recognise - and even admire...
Muslim fundamentalists suspected in slaying of Coptic Christian family in New Jersey
January 16, 2005, JERSEY CITY, USA -- Father of murdered New Jersey family was threatened for making anti-Muslim remarks on the internet, the family of four were murdered in the home.

Monica Armanious is seen in an undated photo released by the Hudson County, N.J., prosecutor's office Friday, Jan. 14, 2005. The bodies of Hossam Armanious his wife, Amal Garas and theirtwo children, Sylvia Armanious,16, and Monica, were found with their throats slit at their home in Jersey City, N.J., Friday, according to police. (Photo: Hudson County Prosecutors Office via The Star Ledger)...more>>>


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