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An estimated 850,000 - 950,000 persons in the USA are living with HIV virus... more>>>

Updated: May 01, 2005 10:26 PM

UN passes resolution to monitor defamation of Islam in the West
The United Nations' Commission on Human Rights adopted a resolution to monitor defamation of religions, particularly Islam. The resolution was pushed forward by Pakistan on behalf of the Organisation of Islamic Conference. The OIC pushed this resolution alleging "discrimination against Muslims in the aftermath of the September 11 attack in America." ...more>>>
Inter-faith initiatives of Koran-kissin Pope John Paul
John Paul II was the first pope to kiss the Koran and the first ever to enter a mosque. He was also the only Pope to have met Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and Jordan's King Abdullah, despite criticism from Israel and Jewish groups. John Paul encouraged dialogue between faiths, in particular with visits to Muslim-dominated Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. His successor has a tough act to follow...more>>>
Vatican to rethink its approach to Muslim dialogue due to lack of benefits
After two decades of contact and dialogue with the Islamic world under Pope John Paul II, the Vatican is rethinking an approach that critics say has brought almost no benefits to persecuted Catholic minorities in Muslim countries. Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald said the next pope might more emphatically demand rights for Christian minorities in Islamic countries....more>>>
Pope's assassin says Vatican insiders helped him plan attack
"Without the help of priests and cardinals, I would have not been able to carry out that action," Agca was quoted as saying in an interview Thursday with the Italian daily La Repubblica. "The devil is within the Vatican." But in an apparently contradictory remark, Agca also said in the interview that on that morning "nobody in the world knew of my attempt." In 1998, the former East German spy chief said that the agency had planted a mole - a Benedictine monk - at the Vatican....more>>>
European Patent Office overturns US patent on the Indian "Neem" tree
"Denying the patent means upholding the value of 'traditional' for millions of [people] not only in India but throughout the South. The free tree will stay free," said Dr Vandana Shiva. "... It is a victory of committed citizens over commercial interests and big powers." ....more>>>
'Mein Kampf' climbs Turkish best-seller list
ISTANBUL - A low-priced, new paperback version of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf has become one of Turkey's best-selling books. The Finance Ministry of the German state of Bavaria administers the copyright to the notorious work, filled with Hitler's anti-Semitic tirades and plans for world domination...more>>>
Europeans suspect CIA behind missing Muslim radicals
MILAN -- A radical Egyptian cleric known as Abu Omar was walking to a Milan mosque for noon prayers in February 2003 when he was grabbed on the sidewalk by two men, sprayed in the face with chemicals and stuffed into a van. He hasn't been seen since... more>>>
Spanish Muslims issue Fatwa against Bin Laden
MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's leading Islamic body has issued a religious order declaring Osama bin Laden to have forsaken Islam by backing attacks such as the Madrid train bombings a year ago. The Islamic Commission of Spain timed its "fatwa" for Friday to coincide with the first anniversary of last year's attacks, which killed 191 people and were claimed in the name of al Qaeda in Europe... more>>>
Anglican leaders rebuke Canadian and US churches
February 24, 2005, NEWRY, Northern Ireland - Leaders of the world Anglican Communion rebuked the U.S. and Canadian Anglican churches yesterday over their acceptance of homosexuality and pushed them to withdraw from one of the global church's top policy-making bodies... more>>>
World Council of Churches asks members to pull investments from Israel
February 21, 2005, GENEVA - The Council asked member churches "to give serious consideration to economic measures that are equitable, transparent and non-violent" as a new way to work for peace, by looking at ways to not participate economically in illegal activities related to the Israeli occupation. In that sense, the committee affirmed "economic pressure, appropriately and openly applied," as a "means of action"... more>>>
World Council of Churches calls for release of prisoners at Guantanamo
February 21, 2005, GENEVA -  The World Council of Churches accused the United States on Monday of violating international law in its treatment of detainees at its Guantanamo naval base... more>>>
German professor faked archeology research for 30 years, found guilty of fraud
February 18, 2005, FRANKFURT - "The commission finds that Prof. Protsch has forged and manipulated scientific facts over the past 30 years," a university statement read. He allegedly presented skulls that he said were tens of thousands of years old even though they belonged to people who died just a few hundred years ago. more>>>


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